All Pork Un-smoked Kielbasa

Pork shoulder with mustard, and our spice blend. Great on the grill with peppers and onion or as part of a stew with red kraut. Available in 5.3 oz. links  

All Pork Bratwurst

Pork shoulder with mustard, mace and celery seeds are some of the spices that are found in this European classic. Great on the grill with peppers and onion or as part of a stew with  red kraut. Available in 5.3 oz. links

Our Products

Ole English Breakfast Pork

Similar to a bangar without the cereal. Flavors of sage, marjoram and oregano. Quite the departure from faux maple. Available in 1.8 oz. links 

Pork Provolone

Pork shoulder with provolone cheese, Italian parsley and spices makes this sausage a silent surprise. Great as an accompaniment or on its' own. Available in 5.3 oz. links.

Italian Pork Sweet


Chicken w/Spinach and Feta

Chicken thigh meat blended with Spinach, feta and spices makes a great accompaniment to a salad or in a paella. Available in hog casing.4 oz. links.

Jerk Pork Sausage 

Pork shoulder blended with Island Bwoys' own jerk seasoning. Notes of allspice, scotch bonnet peppers. Flavors that ebbs and flows like the island music. Available in 5.3 oz. links. 

Chicken Apple (M Style)

Pork free sausage in a collagen casing. Flavored with pureed apples, apple juice, spices and maple syrup. great on buffet. Availble in 1.8 oz. links

Chicken w/Spinach and Feta

Chicken thigh with spice, spinach and sheep feta. Great breakfast sausage with flavor that are subtle for breakfast. This s a pork free product. Available in 1.8 oz. & 1.2 oz. links

Pork Chorizo

Blend of cushion and pork shoulder coupled with our own spice blend and red wine vinegar makes this great for Latin dishes or in grits. Available in 5.3 oz links and bulk.

Italian Pork Sweet

Pork cushion mixed with Fennel & Garlic. Great in lasagna, meat sauce or with peppers on a bun. Available in 4 oz. links and bulk.

Jerk Chicken Sausage

All natural chicken thigh meat seasoned with Island Bwoy own jerk seasoning. Hints of scotch Bonnet and all spice. A​vailable in 5.3 oz. links and 1.2 oz. links. Great on the grill or in the oven.

Pork & Beef Chorizo Slider

A 60/40 Blend of pork shoulder and beef chuck seasoned with our own spice blend and apple cider vinegar makes this great for Latin dishes or on a brioche bun available in 2 oz patties.

Italian Pork Hot

Pork shoulder blended with Fennel, Garlic, Chile and Paprika. Bold flavor that is great for the grill or nice punch to a meat sauce. Available in oz. links and bulk.

Pork Sausage with Wine & Garlic

Pork shoulder with Chardonnay, Garlic  and smoked Paprika. Flavors of sage, marjoram and oregano. Fabulous on the grill or roasted served with a Demi glace or Gastrique. Available in 5.3 oz. and 1 oz. links